The grooming process

Grooming doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for your dog. Any dog can enjoy all the pampering if they can learn to relax in their surroundings. It just takes some getting used to!

From the start:

Prep prep prep

After the dog has had that all clear from the initial health check, we proceed to getting them squeaky clean in the bath. Only the best and most suited shampoo (dependent on skin and coat type) is applied and lathered into their coat (and conditioner if necessary) which is then rinsed out thoroughly. Dogs with sensitive skin will benefit from a hypoallergenic soothing shampoo to ease their irritated skin.

The dog then gets a pat down with a towel (not rubbed) and is gently introduced to a high velocity dryer. This dryer quickly expels water vapour out from the dogs coat getting them dry in no time. Some breeds may require “fluff drying” which is a technique used to straighten and “fluff up” the coat to get the perfect finish for scissoring.

Once the coat is thoroughly dried, the coat is then brushed out and combed to ensure it is knot free for styling (if required).

The perfectly prepped coat is now ready to style using clippers and scissors.


What is handstripping?

Handstripping is a technique used to remove dead guard hairs from a wire or spaniel coat.