About the Owner

Hey! I’m Bronte, the owner of Bronte’s Woofer Wash.

When did it all begin?

Well… growing up I have always been around animals and often preferred their company to people. I adored caring for them and learning more about each one.

I grew up with an English Cocker spaniel called ‘Winnie’ and I would often give her a makeshift haircut from a young age (not sure if my parents appreciated this aha!)


I heard about a dog training course on at Writtle University college and quickly enrolled onto it with my mum and our 2 St Bernard’s ‘Henry & Daisy’. Unfortunately, we couldn’t complete the course as my mum became ill with breast cancer so I instead enrolled onto Dog grooming level 2.

Compassionate and expert grooming care is what we offer every customer at Woof Wash grooming parlour. We care deeply about the well being of each and every dog entrusted to us. Our goal is to provide the client with the style that they want, without causing undue stress and anxiety on their pet.

Successful grooming is a partnership between us and our customers. We are always willing to share the knowledge of grooming, and to demonstrate our expertise every time we groom your pet.

Comfortable and relaxed experience

We try and make the experience of your beloved pet as stress free and comforting as possible.  So that when they return they look forward to the experience, just like going for a walk.

Not only do we aim to make your dog look clean and well groomed, we can also advise on other conditions we discover in the process.  All part of our training as a professional dog groomer.

Our Core Values

Our core values are :

  • Stunning results
  • Attention to detail
  • 121 attention